Magnet's Weekly Roundup - 6 Possibilities For The Future of Social Media Marketing

Author: Robert Scott

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6 Possibilities For The Future of Social Media Marketing

Most of us have grown so accustomed to social media being a part of our lives that it seems strange to think about it as a “new” phenomenon — but it is. In less than 10 years, a handful of niche sites catering to small populations have turned into dozens of apps and platforms that connect the majority of the world’s population. I think social media still has a long way to evolve, and marketers like us need to be ready for those changes if we’re going to survive. But let’s not get lost in the minutiae of how we might be able to post, or what the next trendy app might look like. Instead, I want to present six high-level possibilities for social media’s next phase of evolution.


Video Ads on Instagram Are More Common and Getting Longer

App marketing and data company Sensor Tower just released its Q2 “Ad Intelligence Data Digest.” The report presents mobile advertising trends on social media sites, and Instagram in particular. The report finds that one out of every four ads on Instagram is now a video ad. This coincides with Facebook’s effort to make “video ads” more broadly accessible to small businesses and in emerging markets. There has also been a general market push toward mobile video ads.


10 Content Marketing Skills You Need to Master

Every two years, Olympic athletes from around the world come together to compete in the alternating Winter and Summer Games. These athletes represent the best of the best from their respective countries, with finely-honed skills and abilities developed over many years of training. Their tenacity elevates them above your average athlete, and their skills are what earn them a place at the Games.


Process is King: How Successful Marketers Get Their Work Done

More campaigns. More content. More communication channels. More data. Higher expectations. Shorter timelines. How are marketers keeping up with it all? The truth is, many of them aren’t. In a recent survey from Workfront, only 15% of marketers say they consider themselves “very organized.” For the majority of marketers (57%), work processes range from “some days are good, some days are bad” at best to “very disorganized” at worst.


Optimizing Your Internal Link Structure

Let’s begin by quickly talking about what an internal link is. An internal link is a link from a webpage to another resource on the same domain. That resource may be another webpage (what we’ll be focusing on here) but can also include links to media files, downloads and more.



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