Magnet's Weekly Roundup - Quick Reflections on Data Management Platforms

Author: Robert Scott

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Happy Friday! To help you gear down for the weekend we have compiled some of our favourite articles from this week, as well as a brand new one from us here at Magnet:

Quick Reflections on Data Management Platforms

In a marketing world with untold amounts of data about millions upon millions of potential customers and their media and purchasing habits it is crucial to have systems and structures to efficiently store, manage and analyse this data. This is where Data Management Platforms (DMPs) come in.


5 Ways to Take Your Content Marketing from Good to Great

If your idea of content marketing entails dropping the occasional blog post online and hoping it makes a splash, you may need to rethink your strategy. Taking your content-marketing campaign from good to great means always being on your A-game, focusing with laser-like precision on your target audience and constantly refining your methods until you find the perfect combination of strategy and tactics that helps you achieve your goals.


32 Percent of Global Page Views Now Impacted by Ad Blocking

While some in the industry are alarmed by ad blocking others dismiss it as overblown, it continues to grow. The latest evidence comes from Blockmetry, a company started by former Googler Pierre Far. Far told me last week that he became fascinated by content (ad and analytics) blocking during his last couple of years at Google. His new company, Blockmetry, tracks the percentage of page views blocked rather than the number of users adopting ad blocking. This metric, says Far, better reflects “ad blocking’s real impact on websites.”


Why Voice is the Missing Link in the Evolution of Search

Missing links are typically more the purview of paleoanthropologists or fire and brimstone preachers in the pulpit, but as voice technology becomes more prevalent, it is becoming increasingly clear that voice is a missing link in its own way – and one that will help search evolve into much more than search – as well as a means for search engines themselves to maintain relevance.


Should You Still Be Using an SEO Enterprise Platform?

Enterprise SEO platforms such as Searchmetrics, Linkdex and BrightEdge are used by a large number of brands and agencies. As the landscape and industry has evolved, are these tools still worth investing in? Recently, I’ve noticed clients challenging whether these enterprise platforms are truly necessary. Could the budget being spent on them be diverted elsewhere to drive greater performance gains?


Over 60% of Social Media Marketers go to Facebook for Paid-For First

A major chunk of marketers go to Facebook first with their paid-for marketing budget, according to new research by Clutch. The company asked over 300 social media marketers for their thoughts on paid for and organic marketing for a recently published survey. It found Facebook topped the bill for paid-for social media marketing, with Google-owned Youtube coming second at 34%, then Twitter (33%), LinkedIn (30%), Instagram and finally Google Plus.



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