Magnet's Weekly Roundup - 5 New Year’s Resolutions that TMP Magnet are Going to Live By in 2017

Author: Robert Scott

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Happy Friday everyone! To help you gear down for the weekend we have a brand new blog from us at TMP Magnet and have compiled some of our favourite industry articles from this week:

5 New Year’s Resolutions that TMP Magnet are Going to Live By in 2017

Be More Honest

More Authenticity, Less Marketing Jargon, Zero Bullshit

Avoid Sales Schmucks

Avoid Extremes

Avoid the Tale of the Cobbler’s Shoes


A simple checklist to prep for the Google mobile-first index

Hopefully, all of you learned from “Mobilegeddon” in 2015 and “Mobilegeddon 2” in 2016 that the updates Google makes to improve the smartphone user experience for the majority of Google searchers are not the end of the world. Not even close, in fact. Still, I have seen a lot of articles focused on this topic in relation to Google’s new mobile-first index, which will be launching finally this year — almost two years after Google’s Gary Illyes referenced it at SMX West. Here’s what you need to remember in order to fully take advantage of the opportunity that is the mobile index in 2017.


Marketing budgets rise despite four-year low in industry confidence

The figures are among those suggesting marketers believe the economy will suffer short-term pain as the Brexit process picks up steam, but remain upbeat in spite of this. The survey of 300 UK marketing leaders found that most revised their marketing budgets upwards in the last quarter of 2016, with a net balance of 12.9% reporting an increase – just below the previous quarter’s figure of 13.4%, which was a two-year high.


How British advertising shaped our culture

In March, the IPA will celebrate its centenary by staging the first Festival Of British Advertising. This won’t be one of those things where ad people go to listen to other ad people talk about the industry. It will be a celebration of the myriad ways in which advertising has transcended the media and impacted upon the wider world: from the movies we watch, the music we listen to and the political parties we vote for.


How to Seamlessly Merge a Microsite for Improved Rankings

Microsites can be beautiful and smart and funny. They can also be messy, confusing and frustrating. Especially from an SEO perspective. For the purpose of this article, let’s just agree that a microsite is “a branded content site that lives outside of the company homepage and/or brand URL.” (Source: Contently) The problem with microsites is that in many cases, they are created where a simple landing page or a subfolder would suffice. Or they are created for a specific purpose and then are never deleted or integrated into the main site.


Four trends that will reshape marketing in 2017

I’ve been a marketer and entrepreneur for more than 20 years, and each year seems to bring a new whirlwind of change. In 2016, social media grew even more powerful, dictating the news and shaping our public discourse. Chatbots and artificial intelligence started to gain traction and are opening entirely new avenues for brands to reach customers.



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