Magnet's Weekly Roundup - Predictions for the Marketing Industry in 2017

Author: Robert Scott

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Happy New Year and Happy Friday! To help you gear down for the weekend we have a brand new blog from us at TMP Magnet and have compiled some of our favourite industry articles from this week:

It's 2017, and Here's Our Roundup of Predictions for the Marketing Industry

Hello, and happy 2017. Apologies in advance if you were really hoping to read another agency point of view on what’s going to be paradigm-shifting, game-changing, mind-blowing and Rubicon-crossing, in our industry in 2017, but I’m afraid we think there’s already enough noise on the internet about that. We think that it roughly falls into 3 categories...


17 Link Resolutions for 2017

Back in 2014, I had 14 link resolutions. For 2017, I have 17 for you. Maybe you’re doing some or all of the following already; congratulations if that’s true, as you’re much more proactive than most. If you aren’t doing any, start with just a couple — but please, please, please make sure you do the first one. That’s the biggest first step you can take if you’re not clued in to what’s involved with your link development.


Will 2017 Be The Year Media Expertise Makes Marketing Famous?

One of the major takeaways from a year riddled with one media transparency scandal after another is that it has pushed the debate on the value of media higher up the corporate agenda for 2017. Now, it’s more likely for the world’s biggest ad spenders to (at least) consider if they should wrestle back control of a task they traditionally abdicated to agencies. Rather than only concern themselves with what needs to be spent to reach the biggest audience, executives are realising that they might need to look at the value they can extract from those investments.


Local SEO is About So Much More Than Tools

Optimizing websites is an organic process that requires human insight. If you ask five SEO professionals to optimize the same page, they’d all do it differently. They’d all agree that title tags, H1s and content need to be optimized, but they’d optimize each element differently. SEO tools are meant to make our jobs easier by simplifying tasks or gathering and visualizing data. But you still have to know how to interpret the data that’s presented. Trust Flow is Majestic’s estimation of a link quality score, based on the inferred quality of links from various sites. Moz’sSpam Score is calculated by looking at various factors that tend to belong to spammy sites.


Top Smartphone Apps of 2016: Google and Facebook Control 8 Out of the Top 10 Slots

Many top year-end lists are now coming out, and Nielsen has released its ranking of the top smartphone apps of 2016. In its ranking encompassing both Facebook and Google apps, Nielsen shows Facebook with top two spots (and Instagram farther down), followed by five Google apps. Apple Music and Amazon round out the top 10. The apps with the strongest year-over-year audience growth were Amazon and Instagram, according to Nielsen.



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