Magnet's Weekly Roundup - The Birth of Large-Scale Crowd-Sourcing in New Product Development?

Author: Robert Scott

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Happy Friday everyone! To help you gear down for the weekend we have a brand new blog from us at TMP Magnet and have compiled some of our favourite industry articles from this week:

The Birth of Large-Scale Crowd-Sourcing in New Product Development?

Recently, we’ve noticed an interesting trend developing. Whilst everyone is still looking at 2017 Marketing predictions, breaking their new year’s resolutions, and nervously wondering what awaits the world after January 20th, a few CEOs of pretty huge companies have been quietly gathering information from their audiences and implementing them into their product development. What’s been astonishing is that the use of a two-way medium (in this case Twitter) to directly take on points of view and implement them into a company’s offering or business plan has never really been seen at this scale, nor with the turnaround speeds seen recently.


7 Key Components to a Winning Mobile Marketing Budget in 2017

Now that 2017 is here, it’s time to start planning your mobile strategy for the year. If you think mobile success is about landing pages and app install ads, I have some news for you: In 2017, your mobile marketing strategy will have to include a lot more than just an advertising plan for your app. No, it won’t inflate your mobile marketing budget — it’ll just make it a lot more effective.


Top Ten Trends to Look For In 2017 As Influencer Marketing Continues to Evolve

From the evolving world of artificial intelligence to expectations of instant communications, consumers seeking the value of a product offer marketers more opportunities to make inroads in 2017. Based on research and work with over 350 national brands last year, Stacy DeBroff, CEO and founder of Influence-Central showcased the top ten trends in influencer marketing this year, with an emphasis on videos, the search for authenticity and a good story.


15 Marketing Tools to Check Out in 2017

Brands working to communicate with consumers are facing more competition than ever: On a daily basis, people are bombarded with marketing messages, only some of which meet their own interests. And, over time, those consumers are learning to tune out much of the noise, making it even harder for brands to break through. But marketers still have plenty of tools that can help them beat the competition. Here are 15 of the top tools every marketer should consider using to make this year’s campaigns a success.


Marketers Should See AI as an Opportunity Not a Threat to Their job

Machines are coming for your jobs. While this may conjure up Terminator-esque scenes of red eyed, human shaped, robots pushing you out of your office chair the reality is far scarier. I say machines are coming for your jobs because the disruption to the way marketing professionals work is coming from machine learning rather than physical robots. The threat is invisible to some extent – it’s in the ability to process information and complete tasks in a more efficient way than a human being can. But it doesn’t have to be scary if you break down what machine learning aims to achieve and the role we have in shaping the capability of artificial intelligence.



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