Magnet's Weekly Roundup - The Seven Qualities Authentic Organisations and Brands Share


Happy Friday everyone! To help you gear down for the weekend we have a brand new blog from us at TMP Magnet and have compiled some of our favourite industry articles from this week:

The Seven Qualities Authentic Organisations and Brands Share

Do you ever get tired of trying to be real? Get disenchanted with trying to be authentic? That feeling of tension between what you believe you should be doing, and what is easy or comfortable? I get it all the time. Even kicking off this post there’s a tension. There’s the safe, easy, vanilla option. Create a simple, unchallenging piece. Five hundred words. All uncritical and evangelical about how good authenticity is. Good for oneself. Good for a business. All smug, and cosy and politically correct. A soothing, warm, unchallenging cappuccino for a cold winter’s day. This piece could join the clutter and would be something one could indulge oneself with, paying half-baked attention to its half-baked truths.


Video: Social Media 101

An introduction to the basics of Social Media and the optimum time to post to maximise engagement:

Stop Bombarding Customers With Dreary Comms and Build a Proper Relationship Instead

One of the benefits of an extended Christmas and new year break is having the time to change aspects in our lives that have been niggling at us. One thing that featured high on the list last year was the state of my overflowing inbox – a random mix of important, interesting, irrelevant and wholly inappropriate missives in need of a cull. It doesn’t take long to establish that the worst email offenders (irrelevant, inappropriate, or just plain dull) are some of the best-known brands with whom I’ve traded in the past year. I’ve spent my money with them and shared a plethora of personal details – inside leg measurements, eye colour, roll on or spray...


Local SEO Is a Perfect Match for These 4 Industries

The landscape for search engine rankings is brutally competitive where geographically relevant searches are concerned. And, increasingly, the landscape is becoming pricier and less penetrable. As a result, local SEO has become much more important to businesses across the board. Around 80 percent of consumers look to search engines to find local information. By leveraging customer reviews and producing keyword-rich content pertaining to geographic location, relevance and the targeted audience, businesses can achieve more visibility without breaking the bank.


How Penguin 4.0 Will Build Trust in the SEO Industry

The first Penguin update in 2012 was Google’s official warning that it really,really did not like what link spam was doing to its search results. Google was not going to stand by and let spammers taint its most lucrative property. Every SEO provider, white hat or otherwise, learned to dread Penguin updates. But even SEOs who tried to do the right thing could find themselves caught up in a Penguin penalty. That was the life of an SEO before Penguin 4.0.


Are You Writing Too Much Content?

How much content is too much content? Writers have been debating this question for centuries, if not millennia. Back in the 1800s, book authors were paid per page, so literary greats like Victor Hugo literally wrote as much as possible. However, while writing 650,000+ word novels was good for Hugo’s bottom line, there’s a reason why most people prefer the abridged version of “Les Miserables”…



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