Magnet's Weekly Roundup - Influencer Marketing Looks BIG in 2017

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Happy Friday everyone! To help you gear down for the weekend we have a brand new blog from us at TMP Magnet and have compiled some of our favourite industry articles from this week:

Influencer Marketing Looks BIG in 2017 - Some Words of Caution

It was only a few years ago that ‘Influencer Marketing’ was the buzzword du jour at any advertising, media, marketing or technology conference or seminar that you were lucky enough to be attending. Once again, this makes perfect sense: The notion of people you like/respect/trust/admire ‘influencing’ you into making certain purchasing decisions, through brand endorsement. This is nothing new. In the 1950’s cigarette companies would tell us how many Doctors preferred their brand. In the 1960’s Bobby Moore told us to ‘look in at the local’. In the 1970’s Leonard Rossiter extolled the virtues of Cinzano. In the 1980’s... and so on and so forth – you get the picture.


The Desktop’s Death has been Greatly Exaggerated: How it’s Holding its own in a Mobile World

Sometimes when I’m talking to search marketers, I feel a little bit like Jan Brady — but instead of everything being about “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha,” the conversation turns to “mobile, mobile, mobile” as we ponder the potential micro-moments and ways to increase a brand’s mobile presence. We are now seven years into the mobile revolution and have seen huge opportunities and growth in mobile advertising, both in the US and in emerging markets. The continuous growth in mobile queries as they officially outnumber desktop queries on Google and show no signs of slowing down has led a shift in the marketing mix of mobile versus desktop advertising in search.


Facebook Starts Opening it’s Black Box to Keep Advertisers from Avoiding Audience Network

Late last May, GroupM’s head of paid social, Kieley Taylor, sent an email to the WPP-owned media agency network’s paid social teams in the US. She had just finished one of her regular check-ins with Facebook, during which she was told that any video ads bought through Facebook would now be automatically opted in to run across Audience Network, Facebook’s ad network of third-party sites and apps. Taylor’s message to her team was clear: Opt out now.


Snapchat Must Prove to Marketers it has Mass Appeal

Snapchat must do more to prove its worth to brands in the wake of its IPO filing, with marketers suggesting the platform is too restrictive and fails to cater to a mass audience. On Friday (3 February), Snapchat filed for a $3bn IPO. As part of the filing, the company admitted it faces challenges convincing advertisers over the veracity of its ad business. The filing highlighted that while revenues came in at $404.5m (£324m) last year, up from $58.7m (£47m) in 2015, its net loss widened to $514.6m (£412.2m), from $372.9m in 2015. User growth is also slowing.


The Single Best Anchor Text for SEO That No One Is Talking About

Doing SEO for a high profile client like Marcus Lemonis will really make you question your SEO skills. Even though I had been doing SEO for 15 years, I was still nervous. I couldn’t let the opportunity of working for someone of that magnitude go to waste. As I did the SEO for his sites, I found myself always stressed about how to get the most out of every link I built for his companies. Was I going to get his businesses penalized for using the wrong anchor text? I’m all about white hat SEO but I seemed to be second guessing my every move. In the end, I worked extremely hard to validate everything I was doing for him and I helped him get great results. That experience made me dig deeper than I ever had in my SEO career.



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