Magnet's Weekly Roundup - Key Ingredients in Strengthening Client Relationships

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Happy Friday everyone! To help you gear down for the weekend we have a brand new blog from us at TMP Magnet and have compiled some of our favourite industry articles from this week:

Dancing to Kylie & Lunch in Italy... Key Ingredients in Strengthening Client Relationships

As a Client Partner, probably the most fundamental aspect of my job is building strong, long-lasting relationships with my clients. Recently, I’ve been asked by a couple of less experienced members of the team what advice I can give them so that they can start building similar relationships with their client contacts. As it’s not something that I consciously think about doing, I was slightly perplexed by the question and had to force myself to deconstruct what a good “business relationship” is and how you go about achieving it.


Giving Away Your Content and Marketing to Gain Customers

In this Dynamic Communication interview, author Jill Schiefelbein chats with Jay Baer, president of Convince and Convert and New York Times bestselling author, who gives a tip that can help you GROW your business. Perfect for entrepreneurs, small businesses, sales teams, marketing teams, content creators and more.

  • Why should you give away free information as a business content marketing strategy? 
  • What marketing strategies work to grow a business?
  • How do I use content marketing to increase sales?

Learn the answer to these questions and more in this video with entrepreneur, business owner and all-around-rockstar Jay Baer.


Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017

In 2015, the number of people accessing the internet through mobile devices worldwide surpassed those using desktops. In 2016, two-thirds of all digital media time was spent on mobile devices in the USA. This year,mobile advertising spend is expected to overtake total TV – with TV’s share of ad spend expected to drop by a third by 2020. Global smartphone ownership and internet usage continues to climb, especially in emerging and developing nations, and now in 2017 mobile ad spend is likely to see a 31.9% increase from 2016. Facebook and Google represent the giants of all things mobile and social – nearly 60% of Google’s ad revenues came from mobile ads this year, while Facebook’s mobile ad revenue represented 82% of all ad revenue in Q1 2016. Firms small and large should not underestimate the impact that creative mobile marketing will have on their business. So, what can we expect in 2017?


How "Condensed Content" Helps Your Mobile SEO Game

With the constant evolution of Google’s search algorithm, the mobile first index shift, and the rise of AMP, content creators need to reduce bloated word counts. We need to hone in on clear, concise, and compelling copy. Google announced in early November that their “algorithms will eventually primarily use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages from that site.” Their ranking systems have traditionally analyzed the desktop version of the page’s content in evaluating relevance. One year into Google’s open source AMP project, we’re starting to see a shift.


Using Marketing Automation to Create Successful Email Programmes in 2017

Marketing automation technology is designed to automate portions of the marketing process and provide data that helps marketers and brands determine who to target across multiple outreach methods. But it’s not just a tool; marketers use automation technology to strategize and implement business decisions. When using marketing automation platforms to maximize email efforts, marketers need to choose the correct tool with the proper features and use the data produced to its greatest potential. Once marketers are able to gain insight into how recipients are engaging with their brand through marketing automation, alongside the insight gained from the email program, the user’s experience is significantly improved.



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