Magnet's Weekly Roundup - Why 'Stop Funding Hate' Shouldn't Be As Straightforward As That

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Why 'Stop Funding Hate' Shouldn't Be As Straightforward As That

I read an interesting article in Marketing Week recently with the headline ‘Should advertisers ‘Stop Funding Hate’?’ https://www.marketingweek.com/2017/02/08/advertisers-stop-funding-hate/  and it got me thinking. Initially not about advertising, or brands, or media buying or any of the other topics contained within the article, but about those inverted commas. The article was specifically about the pressure group http://www.stopfundinghate.org.uk/ but this group has actually seen relatively little coverage since a small burst of popularity and viral sharing in the run up to Christmas. They have enjoyed a modicum of success with Branding success story Lego confirming that they would stop running ads in the Daily Mail, and the Co-op promising to review their ad placement strategy.


How to Use Psychological Principles to Improve Ad Copy

Studying psychology as it relates to marketing is no new concept. Using emotions to drive decision-making is a theory that marketers have been taking advantage of since the dawn of advertising. In the realm of search marketing, this is no different. However, instead of a 30-second television or radio spot, advertisers have a maximum of 170 characters to get the point across. Google’s expanded text ad makes this a bit easier, but not by much. Typically, the main focus of search marketing has been to increase visibility, but, as certain markets become more competitive, advertisers need to maximize clicks, too. The question is how. Using the following two tactics will not only maximize the efficiency of your impressions but may also use the power of persuasion to inspire a purchase.


3 Major SEO Steps for a Website Relaunch

You’ve had the same site for years. Finally, you get the funding for a new one. The team’s been working together for weeks and you’re finally ready to re-launch. Where do you start? The website relaunch process is a critical time for SEO. It involves planning, transition, and post-launch phases of activities to ensure that previously earned relevancy and authority are transferred from the old site to the new. Also to make sure there are no hidden issues that tank rankings and traffic. The three phases will take a varying level of resources and time depending on the size of the site, as well as the goals of the site. A 50-page informational site will be much easier than a 50,000-page e-commerce website in many regards. Note that I’m assuming the new site is mobile-friendly and the UX team confirms it passes Google’s testing tools–a given in 2017.


Google: No Comment on Possibility of a Feb. 7 Algorithm Update

Last Tuesday, Feb. 7, there seems to have been a Google algorithm change that adjusted how many sites rank — both for good and bad. I’ve been tracking the update since Feb. 8, and over time, more and more webmasters and SEOs have been taking notice of the ranking changes at Google. This seems to be unrelated to the unconfirmed link algorithm change from earlier in February. This new update seems to be more related to Panda, based on such things as content and site quality, versus link factors.


It’s Time to Unleash Clickstream Data to Turn Browsers Into Buyers

Online retailers struggle with two major problems: abandoned shopping carts and browsers who don’t turn into buyers. With 74% of online shopping carts being abandoned worldwide, it’s clear that many marketers are overlooking the solution: clickstream analysis.  Wholesalers are famous for great deals — because who doesn't need a gallon of mustard or 1,000 Advil? But they have an abandoned cart issue. Our team has seen that wholesalers typically see 50% to 65% of their carts abandoned. Even Costco, which dominates the space, converts only one out of every two shoppers into purchasers. Sam's Club might be happy about its 35% completion rate — until it learns that Costco is at 50%. 



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