The Best Advertising and Marketing accounts to follow on Twitter

We love getting inspired by our industry’s most insightful and interesting figures.

This week, we’re taking a look at some of the sources of information, inspiration, knowledge and news that we love learning from. We’re taking a sideways look at the people that we most enjoy reading on Twitter. It’s impossible to grade these in any particular order from ‘best’ to ‘not quite outright best, but still really really good and in our top 15’, so we’re putting them in alphabetical order.

the Ad Contrarian: https://twitter.com/adcontrarian

Bob Hoffman is a self confessed Grumpy Old Man, who's certainly been around the block of the Creative ad industry in the USA. His blog is a polemicist view of our industry. His particular bugbears are how display advertising is a sham in which the whole industry is complicit, and why despite them having about 97% of the wealth and disposable income, nobody bothers targeting over 50's with advertising. Bob's also an excellent keynote speaker and isn't afraid to tell it like it is.


AdWeak, AdWeek Parody:  https://twitter.com/adweak

AdWeak provides ‘BREAKING’ news which is anything but. A snarky, sarcastic, cynical, fly-on-the-wall sideways look at life behind the scenes in an ad agency. Anyone who’s spent time in an agency will have a wry smile at some of the taboo breaking truths which are spoken.


Agency Quotes, #thingsyouhearinagencies: https://twitter.com/AgencyQuotes

Agency Quotes doesn’t seem to publish much original content. The majority of the feed is retweets of their hashtag #thingsyouhearinagencies which is contributed by a loyal cult following. Some of the utterances will leave you shaking your head. Some of them will leave you wondering where your life went wrong to end up in advertising.


Alexia Tsotsis, Just a nerd in the world: https://twitter.com/alexia  

As Co-Editor of Techcrunch, Tsotsis is at the forefront of technology publishing, and has amassed a twitter following of 168k, all keen to hear her take on ‘the next snapchat’, in her own inimitable, understated style.


Ann Handley, Head of Content at Marketing Profs: https://twitter.com/MarketingProfs

Handley is ‘waging a war on mediocrity in content marketing’.  As One of the Most Influential women in Social Media (Forbes), and keynote speaker, author, blogger, Handley is an expert on digital content and how to use it to build relationships.


Cara Mackay, #Shedlife: https://twitter.com/nattyshedgirl  

Not just the CEO of a posh shed company, Mackay is also an expert in content marketing. More specifically how to talk to your target audience in language they’ll understand and like. The author of viral Linkedin sensations ‘How to: Fucking Work From Home’ and a follow up ‘Business Video: It doesn’t have to be shit.’, Cara’s clever manipulation of content has resulted in huge boosts in sales of sheds, and invitations to keynote speaking gigs.


Dave Trott, Creative Director, Ad Industry Legend: https://twitter.com/davetrott

Trott is one of our industry’s sharpest minds and commentators. His blog style is instantly recognisable as he delivers line after line of pithy insight. He’s keen to understand how people think differently – both in how creative should talk to them, but also in how consumers behave. The titles of his books ‘Creative Mischief’ and ‘Predatory Thinking’ give insights to what makes him tick.


David Rowan, Editor at large, Wired: https://twitter.com/irowan

Another exceptional keynote speaker and technology evangelist, David Rowan covers a wider scope of technology than Jeremy Waite, and readers of Wired will understand how his content may feature news of super efficient solar panels, or how Raspberry Pi is enabling a new generation of child developers in Lesotho.


Elon Musk, Tesla, SpaceX, Tunnels & OpenAI:  https://twitter.com/elonmusk

As a leading pioneer and innovator Musk cuts through bureaucracy and ‘PR’ by releasing company information to his (almost 8m) followers as it happens. Updates to Tesla production, progress reports on Space X missions – they’re all here. Musk is an excellent practitioner of ‘direct to audience’ communication.


Jeremy Waite, Evangelist at IBM: https://twitter.com/jeremywaite

Previously at Salesforce, Waite recently moved to IBM to, well, evangelise. An excellent keynote speaker, Waite champions technology and innovation, particularly his new area of responsibility at IBM – Watson, the cognitive business tool which goes ‘beyond AI’. Waite’s tweets are a great blend of tech, IBM, travel, pics, and hopefully more news of his new twin girls. 


Mark Duffy, Copyranter: https://twitter.com/copyranter

Duffy is an experienced Creative, and has carved out a niche as a blogger, tweeter and (tongue in cheek) ‘VERIFIED Best Ad Critic In The World™’. Duffy highlights the good, and more often than not, the bad in advertising creative. Whether it’s the copywriting that lets an ad down, or the other way round, Duffy will have a no holds barred view on it.


Matt Cutts, Former Head of Google Webspam, now US Digital Service: https://twitter.com/mattcutts

Cutts spent 16 years at Google, at the coalface of their Search product ensuring quality and search safety. His tweets are a mixture of first hand news and advice to SEOs and Search professionals. He recently moved into a role with the US Digital Service, so expect tweets about how the US Government is using technology to implement change.


Medialad, Lad: https://twitter.com/media_lad

An anonymous view of Soho/Fitzrovia agencyland, through the eyes of a ‘Media Lad’. Humourous, tongue in cheek, close to the bone and brutally honest on the industry in which we operate. Media Lad doesn’t hold back on clients, lunches, media owners, adservers, and uses gifs aplenty to illustrate what it’s like to be at the coalface in a media agency. He’ll let you take him out on #mediathursday but you’d best get him a good breakfast on Friday.


Tess Alps, Thinkbox: https://twitter.com/TessAlps

Looks like and likes the same things as your Mum, but this is just a ploy to disguise her insights and knowledge on the TV advertising industry. As Chair of Thinkbox, the Marketing body for Commercial TV, Alps knows a fair bit about the £5bn of spend on TV in the UK.


Tom Goodwin, ‘Marketing Provocateur/Pain in the neck’: https://twitter.com/TomfGoodwin

Writer, blogger, tweeter, thinker Tom Goodwin is Head of Innovation for Zenith. UK born and bred but resident in NYC he’s skilled in questioning the human behaviours and motivations behind the advances in our industry. He often questions the rationale behind marketing decisions.


So there you have it. 15 of our favourite twitter accounts. We hope you enjoy their tweets as much as we do. Let us know who we've missed!


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