Magnet's Weekly Roundup - How Newsjacking Brands Covered the Oscars #envelopegate Fiasco

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Happy Friday everyone! To help you gear down for the weekend we have two blogs from us at TMP Magnet and have compiled some of our favourite industry articles from this week:

How Newsjacking Brands Covered the Oscars #envelopegate Fiasco

Every so often an event occurs which seems to capture the ‘zeitgeist’. The heady combination of a pseudo-amusing occurrence, a particularly slow news day, and some sort of celebrity or showbiz involvement always seems to create the sort of social currency which blows up into an ‘OMG have you seen this?’ sharing spree. On Sunday night (or Monday morning in the UK) the 89th Academy awards gave the world another of these shock moments. A man gave another man the wrong envelope. A simple mistake. It’s the sort of everyday simple mistake that could happen to anybody. Unfortunately, on this occasion, it happened to Brian Cullinan of PWC, the auditors in charge of making sure that this didn’t happen. 


The Best Advertising and Marketing Accounts to Follow on Twitter

We love getting inspired by our industry’s most insightful and interesting figures. This week, we’re taking a look at some of the sources of information, inspiration, knowledge and news that we love learning from. We’re taking a sideways look at the people that we most enjoy reading on Twitter. It’s impossible to grade these in any particular order from ‘best’ to ‘not quite outright best, but still really really good and in our top 15’, so we’re putting them in alphabetical order.


3 Ways to Grow Your Business With Free Social Media Analytics

You know your business needs to be on social media, but are your efforts contributing to sales? Eighty-six percent of marketers believe that social media is important for their business, and U.S. spending on social media marketing is expected to top $17 billion per year by 2019. Yet only 3.4 percent of business leaders report that social media contributes very highly to their organization’s performance. Social media’s impact on a business needs to be measured in order to prove -- and improve upon – it’s ROI. But though delving into social analytics can be exciting, it also can be overwhelming.


A Review of Free PPC Reporting Solutions From Google

Doing PPC reporting right often involves some trade-offs between time and money. The perfect report takes a lot of time to build — time that could have been spent improving the performance of an account. A quick and repeatable report, on the other hand, is usually generated through a tool that costs money. So the arrival of Data Studio, which offers very customizable reporting, and now does so at a cost of $0, warrants an investigation to determine how it can help account managers.


The Most Thought-Provoking Ads of 2017 -- So Far

Some of the best ads are those that make you look twice and think about the world at large. From Nike’s commercial featuring female Arab athletes to Audi’s “Daughter” commercial about equal pay -- there have been many thought-provoking ads so far this year. Politics, immigration and gender issues are just some of the topics these brands address. Here are our picks for the most thought-provoking ads of 2017.


Bad Ads Usage Practices That Can Hurt Your SEO

Many online businesses monetize their websites by selling ads. In fact, most of the largest online publishers incorporate ads into their websites. It’s a practice that’s been around since 1994 (below is the Internet’s first banner ad, via AT&T). If you generate enough traffic to a site, why not take advantage and make some money along the way? Seems like a pretty reasonable decision, right? While that still rings true, you now have more to think about than just placing ads all over your website. If not done properly, sites can suffer substantial negative SEO ramifications in the form of penalties and dramatic ranking declines.



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