Case Studies



Anglian Home Improvements operate at the top tier of one of the most competitive markets in the UK.  In such a sales focussed industry, we needed to work together to provide hyper-local targeting which would generate an ever improving return on advertising investment.  In order to provide useful data, we needed to be able to track spend to sales figures by channel.  This insight would provide us with the knowledge to plan more effectively and optimise the campaign in a live environment.



Working closely with the data team, we created a data set that would empower the media buying decisions at a micro level.  By tracking the performance of each specific ad within each publication and website across the entire programme, we would have the insight to develop high performing areas and down-weight spend in poor performing areas.  This gave us the high level overview with the benefit of hyper-local optimisation.



Anglian have worked with us using this model for nearly five years and we’ve seen year on year improvements in terms of efficiency.  We’ve been able to migrate spend from low performing areas to higher performing ones and also lower the budget whilst cost-effectively managing any negative effects that budget reductions have on volume.