Case Studies

British Gas

The Challenge

To support their brand activity, British Gas needed to drive cost effective leads for the range of services and products that they offer, including boiler breakdown repair and cover, central heating installation, energy supply and their plumbing and drains services through their Dyno brand. With varying budgets and differing cost per lead / sale targets for each of the products, a significant part of the challenge was to balance the differing requirements of each to form a plan that met the collective and individual needs of each brand manager.


Based on a wealth of past and current performance analytics data, as well as postcode-level sales data and competitor insight, we implemented highly targeted national plans across a selection of digital and print acquisition channels enabling British Gas to dominate the fiercely competitive domestic services category. The plans were developed using sophisticated segmentation based on a deep understanding of the psychological needs of a consumer in a moment of need. We have developed and produced over 4,000 creative assets in-house, and as such, were able to deliver both highly relevant and highly effective messaging to potential customers when they were searching for potential suppliers to rescue them from their freezing home or their flooded bathroom.


In our first year working with British Gas, we increased their call volumes, reduced cost per leads and at the same time, delivered significantly more inventory than they’d had previously. Since then, we have continued to drive substantial lead and sales volumes for the range of products and services British Gas have on offer. Year on year, the added value that we’ve managed to negotiate on their behalf has continued to increase. All in all, a relationship we are very proud of, and in the words one of their Marketing Managers... “TMP Magnet offer expert knowledge and skills, which are complemented by sophisticated planning and performance analytics. A great team to work with and highly recommended!”