Case Studies

Global Logistics Provider


Having to manage paid search across 8 search engines in 56 countries and 30 unique languages, it’s a complex task to ensure performance is strong. Liaising with 4 regional departments alongside our core corporate client, and ensuring that our activity is aligned with that of multiple other global creative, PR and web agencies means that they have to be a fast moving, high touch client. We face significant competition in every country and region, and policing trademarked brand terms and parcel delivery services aggregators with significantly larger local budgets ensures that our insights, optimisations and account structures have to be best in class in order to retain our competitive advantage. Our overall goals on the account are varied – not focusing purely on revenue or ROAS, but also considering softer contributing measures such as average position, click through rates, and impression share yield. Because of this, we have to ensure balanced distribution of budget and resource across multiple ad groups, with varied objectives, and also weighting budget appropriately across countries and regions.



We have the benefit of 12 years of learnings, however in order to continue to successfully grow the account in every direction, we have implemented a sophisticated team structure to ensure local region representatives manage their respective regions closely with the regional clients. We have multiple language specialities in house including core languages such as Spanish, German, French, Mandarin, Hindi and Urdu. We have a dedicated analyst whose sole responsibility is combining proprietary data with third party insights from search engines (Google, Yandex, Baidu etc) and industry and economic analysts, such as Forrester, Accenture etc. Test and learn strategies are implemented in every region working closely with our partners at Google, and we regularly implement beta products in order to drive higher engagement and conversion. 



In 2014 we saw the most challenging competitive landscape yet. Our budgets had been increased by 12.5% over 2013, however we saw that in most competitive markets, average spends within the sector had increased in the region of 20-30%, and average CPCs rising 18%. With a net decrease in budget, we restructured and optimised to focus on the highest ROAS markets and products, and despite challenges with impression share lost to rank, and declining CTR in the face of more compelling competitor promotions and call to actions, we delivered 19% more clicks, 26% increase in ROAS, and a 74% increase in revenue. In a client survey carried out within Magnet, we achieved ‘excellent’ rating in every category, and we have seen further increases in investment in the paid search channel in 2015.