Case Studies

Jaguar Land Rover


Jaguar Land Rover has created a strong presence as an active recruiter both nationally and globally. A great website delivers a strong creative platform that leverages the power of social media. The hiring needs for Jaguar Land Rover are vast and span all areas of their business. We needed to take their message to a different level with a focus on having personalized conversations with disparate audiences, enabling them to interact with the brand and own the conversation.




The solution was to create the Ultimate Destination – a high specification careers website - and drive buzz for it through the CARicature promotion. This is a piece of viral marketing, housed on the Jaguar Land Rover web site and distributed using a variety of channels including social, traditional media, banners, experiential/events and overall word of mouth.

The viral allowed audiences to submit a photograph of themselves using social media, a file from their computer or using their own computer's web cam. Upon submitting the photo, a video that TMP Worldwide created for the brand would play, showing the JLR toy vehicles with paint on their wheels being driven over a canvas and creating an image. The image that they end up creating is a visual representation of the user.



To date over 1.2 Million visits from over 750,000 unique visitors spending an average of 3 minutes and 28 seconds on the site.  This has driven nearly 30,000 completed applications and generated 30,000 social mentions in just 3 months.  This resulted in people spending 185,000 hours with the brand.