Case Studies

National Citizen Service


The NCS Network run programmes for 16-17 years as part of the National Citizen Service.  Awareness was high amongst teens and take-up of the initiative was strong.  However, conversion rates were low.  We worked with the NCS Network to find out what was causing this lower than expected rate and to find a way of re-addressing the situation.  Through research from their inbound call centre and with their marketing team, we ascertained that although awareness was high amongst the teen audience, their parents weren’t aware of who the NCS Network were or what NCS was.  As the ultimate decision maker, the parents’ understanding was a key to improving conversion rates.



Once we understood who the target audience were, we needed to understand what the potential barriers to purchase could be and the benefits of NCS. By listening to the questions that parents were currently asking through the inbound call centre and undertaking our own research, we identified that there was a common ground between what the parents wanted and what their teens wanted from a summer programme. What differed was the perspective.

Using a phased approach we raised awareness through a high impact press and radio campaign and then focused on creating a better understanding and deeper engagement through online display, PPC, social media and PR.  All this activity pushed to an online destination website that was tailored to show content differently to each target audience.  For example, a visitor who was a teenager would have a different online experience to a parent.



At the end of campaign, we saw much higher levels of awareness (36m impressions) and conversion rates significantly increased to 21%.  We could see that the engagement levels increased by the fact that the duration of the calls increased with a much deeper level of conversation.  This was a great result for the client as the higher engagement rate equated to more sign-ups for the programme.  NCS is a programme that embeds itself in the community and lifetime network value of those converted to advocates is yet to be calculated, but we can be sure that the impact of that initial investment will still be felt for years to come.