Case Studies



Seadrill’s objectives are to target and engage with potential candidates for a variety of highly specialist roles in the offshore drilling industry. Such roles require very rare, highly specialised skillsets, and also require the appropriate candidates to be willing to relocate to remote areas such as Angola, Mexico and Brazil. Social Media and content was always part of the overall communications plan, however the management and strategy previously implemented wasn’t demonstrating cut through with the niche audiences. We were engaged to remodel the social strategy, rethink the targeting and implement a campaign in order to drive scale and engagement.



After an audience profiling exercise, we identified commonalities in the demographics and qualitative personal interest data we analysed, however the global geographical variety in these niche sectors meant that mass media targeting would be inefficient and ineffective. Our proposed solution was to use the targeting capabilities on several social advertising platforms to identify our prospective target audience, and to serve them relevant ads in their social feeds. CPC campaigns were created on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, to identify individuals with specific interests in the target locations. We created a content strategy and calendar to ensure that the ad copy and themes were engaging and interesting, and optimised according to performance metrics – CTR, engagements, follows, analysis of the demographics of new followers etc, to ensure that performance continued to excel.



Performance was exceptional. Week one saw a 7000% increase in Facebook engagement, and follower and fan numbers continued to grow exponentially as we optimised. The campaign was so successful, and followers and likes were being driven at a cost of £0.02, that we quickly refined the targeting even further in order to deliver a smaller, but arguably higher quality, audience. Growth slowed only slightly, and by the end of the initial phase of activity (2 months), Facebook fans had risen from 3,090 to over 31,000; and Twitter followers had jumped from 204 to 7,936.